A Collection of Antique Mathematical Instruments and Engineering Tools
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  A Source Book for Rule Collectors
Rule collectors rejoice! In A Source Book for Rule Collectors and its companion Concordance and Value Guide, Philip Stanley has crafted a masterfully comprehensive, beautifully illustrated reference guide to measuring instruments covering their history, use, and value. A Source Book for Rule Collectors includes: · Selected reprints of the best articles of the last 100 years dealing with rules and measurement · An extensive discussion of the materials, construction, graduations and uses of rules · A thorough cataloging of the many types of rule accessories offered over the years · A detailed table of the European measures used before the metric system, allowing the identification of rules by the size of their graduations as to their county of origin · A complete bibliography of reprints, articles, books, and publications dealing with measuring instruments. The Concordance and Value Guide contributes: · Complete information identifying and comparing all rules made by all major American makers, ... ... Read more

by Philip E. Stanley
Pck Paperback edition
Published 2004-03
by Astragal Press
ISBN: 1931626170

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