A Collection of Antique Mathematical Instruments and Engineering Tools
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This translation by Edmund Stone of Nicholas Bion s great classic is further enriched by Stone s many additions that both update the original text and expand it to include English instruments and practices. This second edition has become the authoritative text, with its descriptions, illustrations and explanations of all the significant scientific instruments of the mid-18th century. These include drawing instruments, the carpenter s joint-rule, gauging rods, various slide rules, the Gunter scale, sectors, compasses, microscopes, telescopes, quadrants, micrometers, globes, orrerys, sun dials, water clocks, surveying crosses, forestaffs and cross staffs, theodolites, levels, gunnery instruments...and many more. ... Read more

by N. Bion
Hardcover edition
Published 1995-02-01
by Astragal Press
ISBN: 1879335603

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