A Collection of Antique Mathematical Instruments and Engineering Tools
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  Weights and Measures and Their Marks (Shire Library)
Weights and measures being small antique objects with a background of great interest, have become an ideal and popular subject for the collector. The story of how they came to be used and developed is a long and fascinating one and this book not only tells that story but provides much information for collectors. In addition to their history, the book explains the reasons for the shapes, sizes and materials in which weights and measures are found. It also considers the legal controls exercised over the use of weights and measures and how these add to the interest of collecting. The many illustrations of verification stamps will assist collectors to identify and perhaps date examples in their own collection. ... Read more

by J.T. Graham
3rd Paperback edition
Published 2008-03-04
by Shire
ISBN: 0747802262

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