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  • Maker: Reliable Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Date: c1890
  • Description and Notes:

    This is an early example of the well known Reliable Egg Scale, as the patent of which was still pending when it was on sale. The fact that the cast iron frame of the scale is attached to a wooden (pine) base which is cut to fit the top of an egg crate also indicates its early state, as the later ones all came with a cast iron base.

    Another uncommon feature of this scale is that the manufacturer's emblem ink stamped on top and back surface of the base and that on the egg holder have all been preserved and still clearly visible.

    As indicated in front of the scale, it can be used for weighing eggs between 19 to 22 oz, and the original cost of which is $2.90. This scale is complete save the removable weight is a scratch built later replacement.

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