Antique Measuring Instrument Collection - Portable Diamond Scale

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  • Maker: N/A
  • Date: c1950
  • Description and Notes:

    The balance beam togegher with the bowls and chains of this scale can be unmounted and stored in the solid mahogany box. It comes complete with 18 weights, 8 of which are visible within their own felt lined compartments and consist of 50CM, 25CM, 2 x 10CM, 5CM, 2 x 2CM and 1CM. These eight also have their equivalent GR and M weights stamped on the reverse. There are a further 10 small weights stored in their own compartment beneath the round metal cover, these are 50/100, 25/100, 2 x 10/100, 5/100, 3 x 2/100, and 2 x 1/100. A tweezer for taking out the weights is stored in a slot at the back of the box's base. The level of the balance beam is controlled by turning a camed knob at the bottom of its supporting column.

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