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  • Maker: Philipp Jacob Maul
  • Date: c1920
  • Description and Notes:

    According to this page, this type of scales are referred to as the pendulum scales, and sometimes as inclination balance or quadrant scale. The scale is made of decorative cast iron and lacquered brass plate, most of the lacquer are retained. As shown in the above photo, when in use, the orientation of the supporting plate will remain horizontal thanks to the action of the parallelogram four-bar linkage.

    The design of this scale is unique in that the counterweight on the pointer arm of which can be swung to either the upper or the lower position to accommodate the two different weighing ranges printed on the enameled dial. Of which the lower and the upper ranges are, respectively, 0~100g and 0~500g.

  • More Pictures:

    Front Top View |  Side View | Back View | Maker's Mark

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