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  • Maker: N/A
  • Date: c1900
  • Description and Notes:

    According to Scientific Instruments, 1500-1900: An Introduction, this type of brass nested weights were first made in Nuremberg in the 17th century, which, consequently, are the most sought after ones nowadays. However, due to their convenience, these weights were produced well into the twentieth century and still retained the traditional design. Therefore they often appear older then they really are. Nevertheless, it is quite save to date this set to the early twentieth century.

    The Troy weights were originated from Troyes, France, and the system were developed in the Middle Ages. Currently only the Troy ounces (ozt ≈ 31.1g) are still in use for weighing precious metals and gemstones, whereas the troy pound (= 12ozt) is obsolete. Including the outside container, this set consists of seven weights, ranging from 4 oz to 1/16 ozt (4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16). There are calibration file mark left on the bottom of each cup weight as called for. It seems, however, missing a 1/16 ozt center piece of small weight (i.e. the "pill"), as usually the total weight of the inside cups should be equal to that of the container.

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