Antique Measuring Instrument Collection - Architects' Four Fold Scale Rule

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  • Maker: Rabone
  • Date: c1900
  • Description and Notes:

    According to A Source Book for Rule Collectors, this is a four fold "Architects' folding rule." The fully extended length is 24 inches. This Rabone No. 1119 rule is dated to c1900 as it fits the description found in the Websters' Instrument Makers Database: marked "Warranted Boxwood" and "made in England."

    Originally this was a well made high quality rule, judging by the so called "double-plated" edge plates construction of the middle joints. However, this rule comes with a broken stick near the main (rule) joint, which the eBay seller failed to mention in the item description (perhaps he didn't notice it, as the stick is still weakly attached to the joint when arrived). Since the rule didn't cost a fortune and it is relatively rare, therefore I didn't return it. The broken stick was since fixed by instant (Cyanoacrylate) glue and it is now as strong as an unbroken one, however a faint crack is still visible.

  • More Pictures:

    Folded View (two sides)  | Close View of the Scales

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