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  • Maker: B J & B (?), Watkins & Hill (Protractor), Harling (Ruling pen)
  • Date: c1820
  • Description and Notes:

    This is a typical high quality English drawing instrument set which might be custom made in the early 19th century. The instruments are stored in a very well made, highly figured rosewood veneered case. There is also a date, 1821 au/9, scribed on the lower side of the back of the case's lid. The instruments are made of German silver and steel. The characters engraved on the side of the small divider appear to be B J & B, whether they are the maker's signature or the name of the original owner is not clear. All of the other instruments are unsigned. The sector is made of ivory and is without any cracking or warping, the two alignment pins are also duly preserved.

    The instruments contained in the lower tier are apparently later add-ons. Which includes an ivory rectangular protractor, a double-jointed divider, a pen point spring bow, a couple of small spring bow dividers, a pencil sharping knife, and three ivory handled ruling pens, one of which is signed "Harling". The maker of the protractor is Watkins & Hill, whom, according to the Directory of British Scientific Instrument Makers 1550-1850, were working from 1822-1856 at 5 Charing Cross, London, and succeeded by Elliott Brothers.

  • More Pictures:

    Overview of the Case  | Escutcheon  | Overview of the Sector

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