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  • Maker: Unknown French Maker
  • Date: c1930
  • Description and Notes:

    This is a typical French made drawing set which can be dated to the early 20th century, as the "UNIS France" logo appeared in the mark printed at the back of the case cover stands for French National Union Inter-Trade Union (Union Nationale Inter-Syndicale), which was established by French manufactures in 1916. Also shown on the mark are the trademark together with the initials of the manufacturer, S and L, whose association number, 18, and the category code of the product, X(?).

    The instruments are made of brass and steel, and the handles of the ruling pens are made of ebony, a material seldom found in British made instruments. It also contains an unique pencil holder to be fitted into the adopter of the pencil point of the main compass.

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    Overview of the Case

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