Antique Drawing Instrument Collection - Sharkskin Cased Pocket Set

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  • Maker: J. B. Perry & Co. (Sector)
  • Date: c1800
  • Description and Notes:

    This is a typical late 18thC to early 19thC pocket drawing set in sharkskin covered wooden case (etui). The sector, scale rule, protractor, and the pencil point are original to the case. The other instruments which consist of a partial set and an ivory handled dip pen were acquired seperately, but they fit into the corresponding compartments of the case snugly, and are also consistent with the era, save the pencil point doesn't compatible with the slip joint of the main compass. The sector and the scale rule are made of boxwood, and the maker's signature is engraved on the sector. The compass and ruling pen are made of brass and steel. These are very well made instruments. All of the adjument screws are of the wing headed type, and the ruling pen also conceals a pricker.

  • More Pictures:

    Front View of the Case  | Back View of the Case

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