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  • Maker: Winter, T. B., & Son
  • Date: c1870
  • Description and Notes:

    As shown in the photo, the words at the back of the case lid of this instrument reads:
    WINTE[R & SO]N
    21 GREY
    Based on the imformation above, this pillar compass is dated to c1870 because according to the Webster Signature Database, Winter, T. B., & Son were in business as instrument maker at around 1860 at the above address.

    This type of pocket compass was praised by W. F. Stanley in 1878 as "They will answer all purposes much better than an inferior set of instruments, which will cost as much as a very respectably made pair of pillar compasses."

    This set comes complete with the most desired leather covered coffin shaped case, only the wing headed adjustment screw of the ink point was missing, the current one is a later substitution.

  • More Pictures:

    Disassembled View  | Three Functional Assemblies  | Case Front Top View

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