Antique Drawing Instrument Collection - MAPED NT 532 Quick Setting Compass Set

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  • Maker: Maped
  • Date: c1980
  • Description and Notes:

    This is a high quality, professional drawing instrument set made by Maped, a French manufacturer established in 1947. The company is still producing a complete range of products for home, school, office, and craftwork uses today, which include a number of compasses and drafting tools, but this set is no longer produced.

    The design of the quick setting compass in this set is a variation of that introduced by both Haff and Riefler around 1960, see, for example, plate 57 on p. 75 of Drawing Instruments, 1580-1980. What make this compass unusual and therefore collectible are that instead of by pressing the two levels on both legs to release the friction force, it can be quickly pulled open by pressing only the black level on the right leg, and that the fine adjustment knob is located at outside of the left leg rather than at the center of the two legs. In addition, the two legs are gear jointed such that the handle will be self centered regardless the opening angle.

    Another innovative design found in this set is that the drop bow is equipped an integrated adopter to accept a technical pen at the opposite side of the pencil point, a very simple yet clever design.

  • More Pictures:

    Case Top View

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