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  • Maker: Reeves (60 degree one)
  • Date: c1900
  • Description and Notes:

    These two set squares are of similar style but were made by different makers. The 60 degree one is made in England by Reeves, which, according to the Webster signature database, might be William Reeves, a 19th century instrument maker based in London. The markings stamped on the 45 degree square are G.W.E.B and 145, but the meaning of which are yet to be found.

    According to Drawing Instruments, 1580-1980, p. 105, this type of framed mahogany triangles with ebony bevelled drawing edges were first devised by W. F. Stanley at around 1860, and continued to be produced until 1940. Consequently it became the standard form of contemporary British made set squares. However, although the two squares are of the same form, they are not of the same quality and also may not be produced in the same period. As shown in this picture, the 45 degree right isoscales square is of higher quality as it has true ebony edges dadoed around both the inner and outer sides of the the mahogany frame and the joints are reinforced by dowels, whereas the 60 degree one only has ebonized (dark-stained) edges on the outer sides and plain joints. As noted in the Catalogue of the Andrew Alpern Collection of Drawing Instruments, p. 109, the ebonized edges also indicate a later date.

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    A Custom Made Plywood Case (latter addition)

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