Antique Drawing Instrument Collection - European Continent Set

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  • Maker: N/A
  • Date: c1900
  • Description and Notes:

    This set doesn't have a maker's name, but by judging from the composition and style of the compass, it is most likely came from the Continent Europe, probably of French origin.

    The body of the compass and the divider are made of German silver, and the ruling pen has a bone, rather than ivory, handle. The tubal lead container is a later replacement.

    This is the first drawing instrument set that I have acquired in this collection, and there is a leasson I have learned from it. As shown in the picture above, the divider is shinier than the compass, this is because I have over polished it at the night of acquisition. This was a regrettable action as it made the appearance of the divider unnatural (i.e. not consistent with its age) and the polishing process is not reversible.

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