Antique Drawing Instrument Collection - Elliott Three Tier Set

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  • Maker: William Elliott
  • Date: c1840
  • Description and Notes:

    This extremely rare, top quality three tier drawing instrument set was belonged to one Thomas Bratton, whose full name or initials are engraved on the name plate on top of the case lid and many of the instruments. This set is dated to circa 1840 because according to the Directory of British Scientific Instrument Makers 1550-1850, the maker, William Elliott, was working at 268 High Holborn, London, from 1835 to 1849. The design of the ivory handled pricker also indicates an early date.

    As shown in the picture above, the contents of the first tier are unfortunately not complete. There are empty slots for a smaller divider, a small turnabout bow, and an ink point spring bow. The brass turnabout double-jointed bow and the divider are also not original, but they nevertheless are contemporary with this set and were made by the same maker. The tubular compass is original and it is identical to the one in a smaller, two tier set of this collection, which was also made by the same maker (W. Elliott & Sons) but of a slightly later date.

    All of the the instruments in the second tier are made of ivory. There are four offset scales and one rectangular protractor and these are all signed by the maker. The now very rare double-barred parallel rule is unsigned by the maker but bears the initials of the original owner. Therefore it can be ascertained that these are original to the set. Both the third tier and the compartment beneath the lid were empty upon acquisition. The wooden set square and French curve were acquired elsewhere.

  • More Pictures:

    Top View of the case | Front View of the Case | Back View of the Case

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