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  • Maker: Grew
  • Date: c1850
  • Description and Notes:

    These are rare early examples of combination compasses which not only can hold a pencil but also can be configured to be a divider (left) or an ink point compass (right) by inserting the integrated piece of ink and needle point into the pencil holder. They could be the ancestor of the turnabout compasses commonly found in later period. These two pieces are of almost identical constructions and were signed by the same maker, Grew. The one on the right, however, may be made of a later date. According to the Directory of British Scientific Instrument Makers 1550-1850, there was only one British maker with the last name of Grew in the period, a William Grew working in 1785 at Bradford St, Birmingham. However he is known as a rule maker. On the other hand, an identical piece was found in this page, and which has been identified as being made by a Victorian maker, T. Grew of Plaistow, Essex. Therefore these compasses may be dated to the second half of the nineteenth century.

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