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  • Maker: The Lightning Adding Machine Co. Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Date: 1953
  • Description and Notes:

    Although the lightning adding machine is not an uncommon item to be found on large auction sites such as eBay, yet as shown in the above picture, this one is a rare find as not only the machine is in a pristine like-new condition but it also comes complete with the original box, stylus, instruction booklet, gift mail order slips, and the guarantee certificate, on which reveals the original purchase date of December 26, 1953. The machine itself is of sturdy, full metal construction, and the base is made of Bakelite. As of 1953, this is the newest subtracting model with "one-stroke clearance direct subtraction." Actually the subtraction is performed simply by turning the number dials counterclockwisely and using the small yellow number indicator instead of the big white ones, thus the user need not to learn the so called complementary system found on some other machines. This machine also has a Reset lever bar at left which pulls to reset all number dials to zero.

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    Overview of the Machine | Box Overview

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