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  • Maker: Stanley London
  • Date: 1954
  • Description and Notes:

    According to an interesting essay by Prof. Charles Mollan, "Slide Rules: How Quickly We Forget," the Fuller calculator was patented in 1878 (British patent No. 1044 and US patent No. 219246) by George Fuller, professor of Civil Engineering at the Queen's College (now University of) Belfast in Northern Ireland. It is the equivalent of a straight slide rule measuring no less than 25 metres. So this is like a "super computer" comparing to other contemporary slide rules.

    Also from Slide Rules: A Journey Through Three Centuries, the Fuller slide rule was on the market from 1875 until 1975. It is estimated that 14,000 of which were made and four different types are recognized. The one showing here is a Type I model and has a serial number of 11210 54, therefore it can be dated to 1954. It was no doubt been produced by Stanley, London, however the original Stanley label under the cover lid has apparently been peeled off and replaced by that of the Lawes Rabjohns Ltd., Westminster. The top of the cylinder and the handle of this example are made of bakelite, earlier ones are made of mahogany.

    It should be noted that the distributor of the Fuller calculator in the US was Keuffel & Esser and the catalog number of which was 4015. An user's manual of this calculator can be found here.

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